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slave training

Want to learn everything you need to know about submissive training?

Learn How To Become The Obedient slave Your Master/Mistress Has Always Desired And Never Knew Existed!


Blow Their Minds With your New Found Skills and keep them coming back for more

From:  Mistress Sophia, Master Bishop & slave training staff

Dear future slave

If you’re like most people who enjoy BDSM, you're interested in spicing up the kinkier side of your life. You have a desire to learn how to become an obedient slave.   I know what its like to be excited about BDSM and all of its activities, but this is not vanilla sex.   Before you start your journey you must know that BDSM training under the wrong hands can be a very dangerous and even life threatening activity. You either have to put your safety in someone else's hands or be responsible for someone's safety. You can't just jump into BDSM and hope to wing it.  There are far too many risks.

If you are interested in:

  • Becoming an obedient submissive for your Dom/me and you are tired of not knowing how or what you should be doing to please them!  As a submissive do you not want to be able to get the absolute most out of each valuable session with your Dom/me?

  • Meeting someone and determining whether or not they're a skilled Dominant within a matter of minutes! Who wants to spend months getting to know someone, only to find out they don't know the working end of a flogger or the proper punishment positions.

  • Introduce your partner into the lifestyle and have them treating you like the slave you deserve to be without scaring them away.

  • Learning new skills so you can keep your sex life interesting and exciting, so your partner doesn't start looking else where! There is nothing sexier then having a wide variety of skills under your belt which you can draw upon at any moment.  Routine gets boring. Keep your Dom/me happy and moaning in absolute pleasure and they will never even think about leaving! 

Whatever your reasons, on this page I’m going to show you how anybody can learn how to become the perfect slave – even if you’re a complete BEGINNER and have no idea about BDSM how to!

What I’m about to share with you is known by very, very few people on the planet. It’s information that has been guarded closely by Dom/mes in the lifestyle for a long time... and I’m going to reveal ALL the BDSM training secrets in just a few moments!

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'you' may call Me Mistress Sophia...

I was in a position very much like you are in now.

 Just a few short years ago I was starting my journey into the BDSM alternative lifestyle, trying to absorb information wherever I could find it.  I know there is a lot of information surrounding the Kinky lifestyle and even more confusion.  Everybody has their opinion.  Some people agree on certain subjects others don't...

It's hard to tell what's right or wrong, isn't it?

Due to the nature of submissive training you don't just want to jump into a scene without knowing more about it. BDSM is dangerous especially with someone who doesn't know anything about it and some one could get seriously hurt if you don't know what you are doing. 

(**And yes to answer your question there have been deaths linked to BDSM activities when people used unsafe practices and performed it wrong**)

This lifestyle is far more intimate and intimidating then most people ever realize.  That's why most vanilla people don't get involved because they realize its just to much for them to handle.  Not to mention if you can't tie your own shoes what makes you think you will be able to pick up a flogger.

Now this doesn't mean you can't learn and become skilled at BDSM training.  I know I've been there, I started out not knowing anything. Of course I did know how to tie My own shoes, but don't think you are alone W/we all started at the same place.

When I first started I didn't know the working side of a flogger, let alone what to use it for.  In my first play scene I stood in front of the sub scrambling around not knowing what to do or any BDSM how to

    • how to use my voice

    • how should I present Myself

    • then always having to come up with something new so you don't get bored, etc, etc, etc...

I knew that I had to do something about this problem. So I decided I would learn everything there was about slave training no matter what it took!

So I started searching the ‘net, looking high and low for anything that could help me. After months of searching, I came up empty handed. I realized BDSM training was far more complicated then I ever thought it was.

Oh there were a few sites I found kicking around that would give you tiny bits of the puzzle, here and there.  But there was NOTHING that would show a complete beginner (like I was) what they needed to know on the kinky lifestyle.

So I fiddled about on myself, practicing whenever I could on bondage and whipping techniques.  The result?  You can't learn if you don't know anything about the subject. I needed a guide!

I decided I would start out as a sub, to learn what it would feel like and to understand what was going on in a subs mind.  Knowing that one day I would graduate to being the Domme I was always meant to be.   

Were there accidents along the way? Yes, far more then I care to remember. I found out far too late with a few fakers and some Dom/me's that had exaggerated their resumes. If I had known I would have been able to set some stricter limits to the play, but I thought they knew what they were doing and they seemed like descent people.  Not some psycho. 

Well when things went wrong they didn't have a clue what they were doing, that's when things went from bad to worst. You see knowledge is power and instead of wielding a tool, these fakers were throwing around a weapon. Sure they were ok but I was the one in harms way and it didn't seem like they had any concern about that. Which made those people even more dangerous.

From that moment on I didn't want that to happen to Me or anybody else. I was back to square one with My BDSM training and needed desperately to increase My knowledge about BDSM play. 

I interviewed countless Pro Dom/mes, and slaves.  I researched and trained under experienced Masters and Mistresses. I trained and corresponded with subs from around the world with one goal in mind; to discover the most mindblowing & safest techniques, tips and secrets of slave training. It has taken years of my life to master the art.

    "Your Knowledge Of BDSM Has Blown My Mind!"
    From:    Shawn M. <>
    To:       “Mistress Sophia” <>

    Your knowledge of BDSM has blown my mind It has been a true honor to be able to learn from You & Your support staff and I look forward to being able to learning more in the future.

    "Taken My submissive Breath Away..."
    From:    Debbie R. <>
    To:       “Mistress Sophia” <>

    Although my association with You (Mistress Sophia) & the team at slave-training has been via a computer, You have taken my submissive breath away numerous times.  Your overall respect for the art of BDSM is quite evident and coupled with your superior intelligence within the field sets You apart.  The questions and tasks provided to me are methodically purposeful and will eventually leave no stone of my submission unturned.  It has been an honor to kneel before Your knowledge and i am eager to continue my submissive journey. 


    Don't Just learn from one expert, but a Team of experienced BDSM practitioners. 

I started training My own slaves sure it was a lot of fun, but despite all My experience I was still only one person and I could only come up with so many new tests and games to put My lil slaves through.  That is why Master AM and I formed the BDSM slave training team and decided to share each others knowledge and experience. One person can be creative, but a team of practitioners are limitless. 

Finally after years W/we discovered the TRUTH about slave training!


    Here is what you're about to learn from the BDSM Slave Training Team!

Once again, I was in awe of what I was learning. So I decided that W/we needed to write everything down for a BDSM how to on training/becoming an obedient slave.

Here is just a taste:
  • Know your Role.  Once you understand yourself and your role that is when the true journey begins. Watch as your experiences become far more intense and powerful then you ever imagined. (Pg. 20)


  • Learn proper voice commands.  For subs you will see what each command is and how you should react to them. There is nothing worst then having a sub stand around after a command has been given.  (Pg. 42)

  • A guideline to figuring out if your future Master is a fake or the real deal! Don't make the same mistakes I made, if someone is a fake find out as soon as possible.  BDSM is too dangerous not to know. (Pg. 29)

  • Learn about the different types of subs. There isn't just one type of sub out there and how each is defined will determine the type of play you can take part in! You can determine in minutes which type of sub they are and whether or not you will want to play with them! subs once you know which type of sub you are you will be able to express in a clear way what type of training you are looking for. This will make for less miscommunication, and hurt feelings between the Dom/me and sub. (Pg. 23)

  • Learn all the positions required of a proper slave! When your Dom/me gives a command jump to it and prove how good of a slave you are. Make her think you are able to read her mind without any training. (Pg. 52)


  • The RIGHT way to approach your partner about BDSM training and get them to join in on the experience with you. Get this wrong and you may end up turning your partner off from the activity. Your kinky life will remain dormant and boring vanilla sex is all you will see in your future. (Pg. 31)


  • Learn proper slave etiquette that will have ever Dom/me fighting to have you in their service. (Pg. 39)


  • The MOST critical things you must NOT do to ensure safety of you and your partner! To this day many medical professionals still view BDSM training as abuse, even though its between consenting adults.  Learn what not to do, so you don't have to go charging to the hospital and explaining what happened (Pg. 153)


  • Learn the art form that will cause your body to scream with pleasure. (Pg. 94)


  • Learn how to be aroused for hours, even days at a time without orgasm, while maintaining incredible ever-mounting pleasure the whole time.  (Pg. 68)


  • Disover if you and your future Dom/me are compatible. How to interview to clear out the ones that don't match what it is you want in your training!  (Pg. 33)

  • Learn all the tips and tricks to spanking and whipping! Know the difference between toys, so you can understand what you are in for. (Pg. 94)

  • Discover collar and leash play and the importance of a collaring ceremony. This is the day that will prove your worth as a slave enjoy it! (Pg. 137)

  • Learn about the two most critical safety practices that MUST be used.  It could possibly save your life! (Pg. 155)

  • Proper and safe use of chastity belts, wax play and electro stimulation....Oh My (Pg. 130)  

  • Discover some of the most mindblowing techniques! When performed correctly nothing will make you want to orgasm harder or serve better. (Pg. 39) 


  • Secrets to setting up a good scene! Something goes wrong it could destroy the scene, and mood.  As a submissive you must know how to set that scene up properly to keep your Dom/me in the mood and happy. (Pg. 40)

  • Learn your punishment! As a sub you need to learn how to behave properly and punishment for disobedient behavior is key.  (Pg. 71)
  • Discover the most important piece of paper! Know exactly what is expected of you so you can meet Their expectations and even surpase them! (Pg. 142)

  • Understand the 24/7 relationship and what is involved.  Get a glimpse into complete servitude, to see whether or not its for you before you get involved. (Pg. 145)

  • Discover forms of service for slaves.  Slaves are for more then providing sexual favors, find out exactly what you need to do to please your Dom/me!  Your value as a slave is only as good as your worth. (Pg. 26)


  • Reach an ultimate high you never even knew existed, and have only been reached by a select few! (Pg. 64)

  • Learn how to end a D/s relationship after it has gone bad.  All relationships go through that honeymoon stage, but afterwards if things start to fall apart it can be very difficult for a slave to exit despite their desires too! (Pg. 150)


  • What do you need on hand to setup your own dungeon? (Pg. 163)


  • Learn about many other activities including but not limited too, cbt, forced feminization, forced orgasms, etc... (Pg. 107)


    ...and MUCH more!

Whew! That’s a lot of information. But the great part is, all of this is broken down into extremely easy to follow step-by-step instructions, including pictures and diagrams that leave no room for error when trying to learn BDSM how to train a slave or become that obedient slave your Dom/me always wanted.

Here's a few words from some people who learned how to have the Ultimate Kinky experiences with the full BDSM slave Training Guide Package!


"I Loved Your Slave Assignments!"
From:    Robyn M. <>
To:       “Mistress Sophia” <>

Mistress, the way you write about BDSM is so easy to understand.  Your book manages to capture the essential components of what a BDSM relationship is all about. It definitely opened my eyes to some new ideas within BDSM and myself. 

P.S. I loved your slave assignments.  I thought that was a really cool idea because it helped me to focus on what I desired from a BDSM relationship. I will be rereading this a second and third time to get all my assignments done, so I can make a better me.

"Your slave training guide is simply amazing!"

From:    Lisa M. <>
To:       “Mistress Sophia” <>

Your slave training guide is simply amazing! It answered all my questions, helped make sense of the feelings i was having and put everything i was thinking about into perspective. Reading this guide even made me realize that i'm interested in activities that i didn't even want to go near before. 

Also being a submissive it really helped reading about the Dominant side so i can better understand what They're getting from this, why and where the rush comes from.

The ideas are endless!! The tips are wonderful!!

Thank you, Mistress Sophia

"I Found Myself Engaged In A Few Fantasies..."
From:    Cathy T. <>
To:       “Mistress Sophia” <>

Reading Your manual taught me a lot of what was expected of me as a submissive. The manual was to the point, easy to understand and not intimidating to read like many other BDSM books. I particularly liked the separate tips for the submissives and Dom/mes.  

As I was reading it I found myself engaged in a few fantasies that I fully intend to put into real use.

"You Have Got My Mind Racing!"
From:    Denise <>
To:       “Mistress Sophia” <>

Mistress Sophia, you have got my mind racing!  I have been rereading your book over and over, each time i learn something new.

"Your Book Is A Must Read..."
From:    Jessica O. <>
To:       “Mistress Sophia” <>

Each time i read the book, I feel the blood rushing through my head. 

Mistress Sophia and the slave training team's knowledge in BDSM is unequalled.  Your ability to portray both sides of the BDSM equation, that of Top/bottom or Dominant/submissive, is a highly effective tool for learning more about BDSM and about myself.  

At the end of the read, two things happened for me as i reflected on what i had learnt.  Firstly, i am better able to identify my desires and above all my role within this lifestyle choice i have made.  Secondly, the only questions that remain for me can and will only be answered within the boundaries of a relationship i hope to have with My/my Dominant.

I now realize that Your book is a must read, if i ever wanted to expand my knowledge in BDSM.  Education can only lead to a higher more intense experience.  Bring it on...

BDSM Slave Training Guide is like following a roadmap. If you can read a map, with a little bit of practice you can learn all about the slave training methods and techniques.

Here's what you'll get in The BDSM Slave Training Guide...

    slave training image

    •  Fully Illustrated step-by-step slave training guide that will explain exactly what you should do and how you should do it in easy to follow terms. This is an eBook so it’s downloadable to your computer instantly online (in .PDF format)

    • Very easy-to-follow pictures and diagrams that eliminate all doubt about what needs to be done. 


  • Slave Assignments: Each chapter contains tasks for a slave to perform, so not only can you read about what to do, you can practice it yourself. Learn how to open up your submissive tendencies. By the end of the book you will have created a nice slave portfolio that can now be presented to future Dom/mes.  This is a great tool to help a prospective Dom/me to determine whether or not they want to accept you and where they need to take your BDSM training next!


  • Dom/me Tips: These are provided throughout the ebook, to give you different strategies and ideas that I have found to be helpful in developing and molding My slaves into the drooling, attentive sissy slaves I enjoy so much.

  • Sample Contract: you can print this out and use it as a contract between you and your partner or use it as a template for creating one of your own.


    And you’ll be able to download all of this online in the next thirty seconds and absorb it from the privacy and comfort of your own home.

    Nothing will be shipped, so there is no waiting. You’ll get everything instantly, even if it’s 2:00 in the morning!

    You can increase your knowledge of slave training 10X in as little as 30 minutes!

    By now I’m sure you’re wondering how much this is all going to cost.  And in a moment I’ll tell you. But first I want you to consider what it will cost if you DON’T learn these secrets from Me...

    Think about how many hours of frustration you'll spend trying to figure this information out by yourself.  I know I've been there and spent thousands of dollars of My own money. As well as the serious mishaps that may take place. Make the wrong choice and it can have serious consequences. Cut through all the trial and error and learn what you need to know!

    The information I reveal to you could be worth hundreds of dollars to you over the course of your lifetime, not to mention how much aggravation you'll save because you'll actually know what to do!

How much is it worth to spice up your life like never before and be the best Dom/me or slave they ever had? have them singing your praises?

Most people would say, "a lot".  Well, in comparison you'll be paying very little for this priceless knowledge.  How much?

Grab It Now For A Limited Time Only At Half Price

$67 $37

Yep, that's all. Over the course of a single year this breaks down to only 10 cents per day.

Is it worth 10 cents a day to learn how to Dominate a slave – a skill that will last a lifetime - and have them wrapped around your little finger forever? Or to become a perfectly obedient slave - one that every Master/Mistress is looking for?

Of course it is!

    "I Have Never Been Happier"
    From:    Nicky <>
    To:       “Mistress Sophia” <>

    I was leading a "vanilla" lifestyle up until recently when I realised that I needed more, this is when I discovered the wonderful world of BDSM, although it had always been on my mind for many years I did not know where to start, who to approach and how to be safe, of course I looked through many sites, all of which came up with small sections, I needed more! then I stumbled upon this site and was very impressed.  

    I had had some communication with a potential Master but due to lack of experience and knowledge I felt I wasn't impressing him and I would lose the opportunity to become his slave in training.  

    When I got the slave training manual, i went from being uneducated to very well informed, i learnt all i needed to know to show my potential Master how well i could serve him and how willing i was to be the slave he so wanted, needless to say it worked!!! Master took me under his wing and is now grooming me!  

    I have never been happier! He is such a wonderful Master and i feel if it were not for the training manual then i wouldn't be where i am today it was more than worth the small price i paid and i would have paid more! Thank you so much!! 

    Kind regards,

    "I Became So Aroused..."
    From:    Andrea N. <>
    To:       “Mistress Sophia” <>

    First I wasn't sure whether I was into BDSM or not.  Your book was so easy to read and unintimidating that I became so aroused by all the tips and ideas.  That's when I finally realized what has been missing in my life and why my relationships in the past never worked out. 

    I am and always have been a submissive, but it wasn't until I read your book that it all came together.  Now I know what my purpose is and exactly what I need to do.

And if you decide to place your order today I’ll send you the following “bonus” products completely free...

    Grab the following valuable gifts for Free

    BONUS #1:  Master Bishop's Step-By-Step BDSM Training Lessons! 

     (A $55 value, yours FREE!)

    Master Bishop has formed an online BDSM lessons package that will show you step-by-step what you need to ensure that your slave gets the most out of their training program.  Slaves will be able to finally see exactly what will be asked of them so they can perform better during their sessions. Forget about all the guess work.  These lessons are going to help skip the mistakes, so you can enjoy more of your time together as Dom/me and sub.  

    W/we were actually going to charge for these online classes but instead W/we decided to give them away to BDSM slave training members.  This way members can continue to learn even after they have finished the book and applied all the strategies to create truly explosive bdsm training sessions.  

    These lessons will be sent straight to your inbox, so you won't have to wait for them in the mail and nobody will ever know that you have ever received them.  As a member you can even email us and let us know what specifically you would like to learn.  Master Bishop will take that into future consideration and write future lessons around your suggestions. 


    BONUS #2:  Erotic Spanking Instructional Videos! 

    (A $37 value, yours FREE!)

    One of the first techniques people add to their play sessions is spanking.  If done properly it can be a highly erotic skill that can heat up any scene.  Its also one of the most effective methods because all you need is your hand, which you carry with you wherever you go. However if done incorrectly it can turn off your partner and quickly destroy the mood. 

    Erotic Spanking TutorialYou'll Learn: 

    * Proper hand position to produce different types of spanking effects.  Whatever effect your partner wants you can give it to them with a change of your hand.

    * Learn how to make spanking the of the best way to warm up your partner for sex.  You heard it spanking is an amazing way to do foreplay.

    * Most people think spanking is easy and just start swinging away, but in fact there are specific areas that need to be targeted and other areas that must be avoided at all cost.

    * The Spanking Orgasm - You heard it right, it is possible to give your partner an orgasm from  only spanking them.  You don't even have to touch them anywhere else.  You do have to spank them in just the right spot.

    * Discover how to get your sub to take hard spankings without them even noticing

    Appreciate the joy that comes from a red bottom...Learn the fine art of spanking


    BONUS #3:  Calming Tantric Techniques Video! 

    (A $49 value, yours FREE!)

    These special tantric techniques are designed to completely relax and calm the mind and body by focusing on key stress points.  

    Tantric Techniques BDSM* They're perfect to use with a submissive right before a heavy session to prepare their body and mind for what is to come.

    * If a submissive screams out their safeword and are clearly extremely upset, this will help to quickly calm them down, relax their body and show that you are here to comfort and support them.

    * Again nothing makes a submissive feel better then receiving these tantric techniques to help them slowly ease back into the real world.

    * Submissive's having a hard time showing your Dominant you truly care and want to do something extra for him.  Have your Dominant lay down while you perform these techniques and watch the smile spread across his face from ear to ear.

    *  If you have had a hard and stressful day have your sub use these techniques to melt away all the tension and pain.  You'll feel reinvigorated and alive once more.  Ready and eager to make your sub serve.

    * Is your Dominant too tired to play, focus your attention on these stress points and watch them liven up and attack you with a new found animalistic passion.  It doesn't matter how tired they are this will wake them up and give them the energy they need.

    BONUS #4:  Proper Slave Position Ettiquette Video! 

    (A $27 value, yours FREE!)

    Slave PositionsSlave Julie demonstrates how to hold each slave position so you can see exactly what you need to do.  She also shows how to gracefully move from one position to the next.  

    In fact this is one of my favorite slave assignments.  Not only do I make a slave memorize each position but I have them learn how to move from one position to the next.  Then I call out the position I want to see them in and observe how gracefully they move into that position.

    Its a great way to see if the slave:

    * Has been doing their homework

    * How motivated they are to learn 

    * How their slave skills are growing   

    These positions will immediately put any submissive into the proper head space during your time together.

    BONUS #5:  The Ultimate Technique To Getting Through A Tough Scene Video! 

    (A $27 value, yours FREE!)

    Tough Scene BDSM TrainingThe human body is still very primal, which is why W/we like BDSM so much. Panic during a new and intense session can be a common event for submissives that don't understand their body.  I have all My submissives practice this technique every night before bed, so it becomes second nature to them.  This allows them to get through those intense moments, and finally enjoy the experience. 

    To take your submission to the next stage you must learn how to harness the power of your body.  

    Dominants don't think that for a second you can get away from not learning this empowering technique.  A Dominant must remain calm and in control of their emotions at all times. Even when things become extremely heated, You begin to feel angry or tired.  These are all signs you need to take a step back and use this exercise to be able to continue.  To this day I still practice this technique every night myself.

    BONUS #6:  The Forgotten Secret Of BDSM Video! 

    (A $67 value, yours FREE!)

    BDSM Training Secrets

    This is one of the most powerful techniques that you can use in your BDSM training that will drive your submissive wild and make them puddy in your hands.  Master this and use it appropriately, your submissive won't be able to resist you.  Watch them become all too eager to obey your commands.

    The funny thing is most people who participate in BDSM have completely forget about this powerful tool.  Don't be one of these people. Learn, remember and apply it.  Your submissive will thank you for it and you will get all the benefits from it. 

    BONUS #7:  Updates For Life! 

    (A $75 value, yours FREE!)

    W/we at the BDSM Training Team continue to work on the BDSM Slave Training Guide and all the bonuses.  W/we always listen to what you guys have to say and when W/we hear of new ideas W/we look to add them into the guide. You will get all the updates, and new bonuses completely free. Once you have your copy of the guide, getting your updates will be easy.  This way the learning will always continue.

      Total Value of Bonuses: $337!

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My 365 day no questions asked 100% guarantee!

bdsm how to

Yes, a 100% guarantee.  

Here’s my guarantee: take a full 365 days to read and absorb the material and try out My BDSM training methods. Go ahead and grab over 22 years worth of secrets today.  Read them, use them and enjoy them!

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In fact, you’ll be thanking me!

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    BDSM Slave Training Program

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    Bring more kink into your life

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    bdsm training image

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If you’re serious about learning how to train or become an obedient slave without wasting hours trying to re-invent the wheel and figure it out for yourself...

...then you need to take the time to educate yourself on what really works. If you don't learn the methods, tips and techniques I reveal in “BDSM Slave Training Guide”, how are you going to learn them?

Go ahead - click on the secure order button above to download and begin using BDSM Slave Training Manual to open up a whole new world! I look forward to getting a letter from you, telling Me about how much you are enjoying your new bdsm training experiences.  Even though I get an enormous amount of mail, write to Me.  I always love to hear how much your slave training has improved.


Mistress Sophia 

Head Instructor (
Co-Author - BDSM Slave Training Guide!


Master Bishop

President (
Co-Author - BDSM Slave Training Guide & The Beginner's Guide To Bondage

P.S.  Its fine to have an inexperienced slave to train, in fact its actually kind of fun.  But an uneducated slave is a dime a dozen and inexcusable. It is your responsibility to learn about the lifestyle and understand your role.  Its your job to make your Mistress/Master's life easier and education is the only way for you to do that.  Don't you want to make your Mistress/Master HAPPY?

P.P.S. Remember, you'll get access to my most treasured BDSM slave training and bondage secrets that I recorded in all the eBooks and audios - "The BDSM Slave Training Guides", along with step by step illustrations and pictures. PLUS you'll get the bonus gifts valued at $337!

And if you don't absolutely LOVE the eBooks, for any reason, just let me know and I'll refund every penny. AND you can keep all the bonuses as a gesture of good will. It's my way of saying, "thanks for giving it a try"!

So grab it now while it's still fresh in your mind, and before the celebration launch is over and the price goes up! 

Anonymous and Discreet billing - no one will EVER find out - and you'll never get a package in the mail - it's digital and totally private.

P.P.P.S. If you don't order the BDSM Slave Training and Bondage Guides today what will change about your life?

    Read What Others Had To Say About The BDSM Slave Training Guides

    "The Assignments have proved invaluble to my training and in writing and reseaching them it has given me a better understanding of myself, who I want to be and the direction I wish to proceed"

    Ryan, Orlando 


    "We're getting our thoughts and goals down on paper. Now instead of "winging it," we have something to go by."

    Tony & Allison, Sydney


    "The homework assignments REALLY make you soul search your reasons for being in the lifestyle and the things you want out of it."

    Christine, Edmonton


    "I did like how it gave a lot of information that a Dom/me could hand this book over to a potential sub/slave and reading their responses to the 'slave assignments' can give a Dom/me a better idea of the slave in general."

    Mistress Desiree, Dallas


    "It is clear cut, no nonsense, down to earth, and also covers different objectives that someone who engages in BDSM might have (i.e. 24/7 or just occasional play)"



    "That they talked to you like "normal" people... Not a freak and how they explained everything and the Dom/me and slave assignments were so helpful to help further our knowldge of BDSM..."

    Laura & Steve, Seattle

    Note: Some of the names above have been changed at the request of our customers to protect their privacy

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