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Frequently Asked Questions For BDSM training


Will a package arrive at my door?

No package will arrive and there is no waiting.  Once you have purchased the Program you'll be able to download the ebook and audios instantly to your computer and start reading within minutes.  All videos are viewable online.  The best part is no one will see that you have received anything, so nobody will ever know you have it.

Will anybody find out about my purchase?

Never because your purchase is kept private on your credit card and the ebook and audios are downloaded instantly to your computer.  No one will ever know that you have purchased this book.  Privacy is important to me and I know how important it is for you.

Is my purchase private?

Absolutely! Here's how it works you get the handbook instantly - because you download it and read it on your computer - no one will EVER find out you have it.

PLUS your credit card will ONLY mention 'ccbill' or 'Passionate Media' for the purchase.

Do you ship to XYZ part of the world?

There is no shipping with this Program.  Once you pay for the Program you will be able to download the ebook and audios right onto your computer and view all the videos online.  As long as you have a computer and internet you can receive this Program. So in essence we do ship all over the world.

Is my credit card purchase secure and safe?

Your purchase is 100% Encrypt, Secure, Safe and Protected by ccbill. And you'll get instant, immediate access even if it's 2:00 AM.

Your billing information is kept totally private (even from me). You will never be billed for something you did not  pay for.

Can I get this book in a bookstore or in hardcopy format?

No, as of right now the book is sold exclusively online and only comes in an ebook format.

How can I pay for the book?

The most common methods of payment are by credit card or via bank transfer. Other accepted methods are by money order and check. To find out where to send a money order or check, please email me at

PS When you send a money order or check PLEASE include your email address and name so I can send back the book

How effective is the book?

The BDSM Slave Training Guide is very effective.  Please check out the testimonials on O/our website:  I have had lots of satisfied customers singing praise about the handbook, these testimonials are just a few that I get each day.

If you do decide to buy the handbook and you aren’t satisfied with the information and techniques that I provide there is a 365 day no questions asked money back guarantee. I’m confident that once you read the handbook and learn the information you will take your game to the next level.

Can I get a free trial?

I’m so confident that you will absolutely love the BDSM Slave Training Guide that I’m willing to let you try out this ebook for free for a full 365 days.

You can take your time to read, digest, apply – all of the techniques and strategies in the guide – and if you are not completely satisfied at the end of 12 months I’ll give you 100% of your money back And you’ll get to keep your Four bonus ebooks!

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