bdsm slave training

Part 4: 

Obedient Slave Positions



Service comes in many forms in your BDSM practices.  Some services might be action oriented while others are based on commands or bondage techniques.  However, many Dominants prefer to have certain positions for their slaves that will show their obedience as well as their diligence in providing exactly what their Master or Mistress requires of them.

These are several basic positions that you may want to incorporate:


Slave Sitting:


By having the slave sit with one leg bent in front of them and another behind them, it allows the slave to remain graceful and postured without too much strain.  

Slave Sitting



Collaring Position:


Kneeling before the Dom/me, the slave will raise their hands in the air in front of themselves and lower their head, to provide easier access to the neck.  The Dom/me knowing the slave is ready will then place the collar around the neck.

Collaring Position



When Asking For Permission:


Have the slave get on all fours with their hands stretched out in front of them and their head resting close to the floor.  The buttocks should rest on their calves, if possible and the slave's face should be completely focused on the floor.  This is also a good position for a slave to await the sweet touch of their Dom/me's whip.

Permission Position



Tips For the slave:

Practice each of these positions until you can hold them for at least five minutes.  This will help your body to start to build the muscle memory it needs to do them automatically when commanded by your Master or Mistress. 

You will want to practice them each day in order to keep them strong for your servitude.

Also practice moving from one position to the next, as quickly and smoothly as you can.  That way when your Dom/me calls out the position you won't be awkwardly trying to get into each position. That can be a very displeasing site for your Dom/me



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