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Your just moments away from accessing your copy of the bdsm slave training guide and here is what you're going to get:

Discover The Freedom, Intensity and Ecstasy of BDSM Slave Training

BDSM Slave Training Program


"BDSM Slave Training Guide" - Audio Program Narrated by Mistress Brianne
- Instantly Download --
12 chapters; 4 hours and 29 minute mp3 audio 
- Add this to your ipod and listen to it while you are driving, on the bus or even working out

The BDSM Slave Training Guide - Instant Download
- Fully Illustrated 
- Step-by-step written instructions

 Dom/me Tips: These are provided throughout the ebook, to give you different strategies and ideas

 Slave Assignments: Each chapter contains tasks for a slave to perform, so not only can you read about what to do, you can have your submissive perform them right before your very eyes.

Plus You'll become a BDSM Training Member:  With this you will receive  Master Bishop's slave lesssons.  This way members can continue to learn even after they have finished the book and apply all the strategies to create truly explosive bdsm training sessions.   (Value $55)

And you'll get all 5 online bonus videos


* Erotic Spanking Instructional; with a special on the spanking orgasm

* Calming Tantric Techniques 

* Proper Slave Position Ettiquette 

* The Ultimate Technique To Getting Through A Tough Scene 

* The Forgotten Secret Of BDSM 

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I Know You're Excited To Get Started With Your BDSM Training, 

...But I Have An Even Better Deal For You

One of the first and most useful techniques to use in BDSM Training is bondage! That's why W/we created:

The Secrets To Sensual Bondage Guide and Video Step-By-Step Instructional Tutorial

Experience one of the most intense and freeing BDSM techniques.  Force your submissive into the positions you want and have all the fun you can imagine.  

*  This includes a Video & Guide on bondage, with all the techniques you will need to keep control of your partners arms, legs, and chest.  They will be as free and comfortable or restricted and stuck as you want. Watch them struggle in absolute delight.      

*  Very easy-to-follow step by step video that eliminates all doubt about what needs to be done.  Don't make a mistake just follow along.

* Learn the steps you need to take to ensure that you and your partner are both kept safe through the entire process.

earn the tricks to creating secure knots your partner will never escape.  Watch them wiggle and squirm as they try to get free.  In fact its one of my favourite games.

Single Limb Bondage Technique
Single limb bondage techniques

For those nights when you want to quickly and easily strap your partner down and have your way with them.  
Double Limb Bondage Techniques
Double Limb Bondage

Quick and easy or tight and restrictive.  It all depends on your mood.  No need to tie them down when you can tie up all their limbs together.  Arms, legs, knees, feet , elbows its all up to you. You'll only be limited by your imagination and your partner's willingness and flexibility.

Your wish is their command!

Beginner and intermediate techniques that'll make your partner puddy in your hands.  Watch their eyes glaze over as they realize  all they can do is enjoy every minute while at your mercy.

Chest and Body Harnesses   

You can feel the wonderful secure tight rope wrapped around your body.  The warmth and comfort that can only be felt from the proper application of rope placed on skin.  

These techniques can even be used as sexy outfits.
If your heading to a fetish party everybody always enjoys the look of a nice body harness outfit.  

One of my favourite games is to have my partner wear a rope harness under their clothes during a nice evening out. No one will ever suspect what lies under your partner's clothes. Your partner on the other hand will feel the rope against their skin all night long and their mind won't be able to stop thinking about what is to come.

Sensual Bondage Positions

Bondage is a excellent warm up to sex in fact bondage can even be used to enhance sex. Here's a little secret if you strain against the rope while you are having an orgasm it will make your orgasm more explosive then you have ever felt before!

Tie your partner into your favorite sexual positions.  They'll enjoy every minute as they discover first hand, why you love that position so much. 

Learn bondage postions that make sex even better. These positions were designed so your partner is fully exposed giving easier access to them whether they are male or female.  Strap them down and you both can enjoy the ride!

Silence Your Partner At Will!

Some people actually talk more while tied up then when they are free to roam.  If you are feeling like a quiet night of bondage, put the silencer on your partner and enjoy their bound body in peace.  Or if you just prefer to do most of the talking show your partner who is really in charge by putting that mute button on. Once you have this skill you can apply it again and again. The great part is it costs nothing to repeat.

Tired of listening to you partner...well silence is Priceless!

Video 10 & 11: Tying it all together!  

Learn how to take even the simpliest techniques combine them all together to produce a beautiful piece of bondage artwork.  The great part is that it only takes minutes but it'll look like you spent hours. Your partner will be blown away by your skill and think you're a real Rope Master.  

Plus I have included these extra Bonuses To Complete The Program

Video #2:  How To Perform Rope Bondage

By Roper 

(A $47 value, yours FREE!)

Bondage Techniques

There are many different techniques to rope bondage and I want to be absolutely sure that you get a well rounded background.  That way you can choose the techniques that speak to you personally. Instead of just being forced to do things one way.

Variety is the spice of life, is it not?

Roper supplies easy to follow step by step instructions on basic rope bondage techniques.  Even better he shows you how to take those techniques and incorporate them into some very restrictive and visually appealing bondage.   

BONUS #3:  Uncle M's: Advanced Video Tutorial To Glamour Bondage! Advanced Bondage Tips

(A $87 value, yours FREE!)

Have you seen all the Rope Master's with their confusing artistic bondage.  It looks gorgeous but no matter how long you look at it you can never figure out how they did it. 

Well after talking with Uncle M I finally got him to agree to reveal the secrets of how to do advanced glamour bondage. Uncle M will take you step by step through all the strenuous and beautiful techniques to create that gorgeous tight artistic bondage that just makes you want to squirm in ecstasy. 

There is no way that you're ever going to be able to get out of these positions but once your in them you'll love every minute.

BONUS #2:  Stretching For Bondage Guide & Video! 

 (Value $57, Yours Free)

Stretching For Bondage

Stretching For BondageNot quite able to put yourself into the bondage position you want?

Feeling a little stiff before and after a bondage session?

Well most people do and thats because they focus more on the bondage and less on keeping their body loose and limber enough to handle the riggers of such a strenuous bedroom activity. 

The last thing you want to do is get a bad cramp especially when things are just heating up.  Worst yet is if you actually injure yourself so your out of commission from doing any bondage for weeks to months.   If you want to be able to enjoy all the bondage positions of your desires you need to stretch regularly, including before and after a bondage session.   You can't go into bondage cold or come out without getting the blood flowing again.

Watch the step by step video and guide to make sure you're all warmed up before things begin to heat up.

This program allows you to learn from a team of experts, who are leaving their knowledge in the palm of your hand.

I want to make sure you have all of the best information at hand when you begin your training.

If you ordered all of these products separately on their websites, you'd pay $47 x $47 x $57 x 87 x 17 = $255--- 

BUT today with your purchase of 'The BDSM Slave Training Guide' you get everything for only: $34.97

Just click the link below to grab the "Ultimate BDSM Training And Bondage Package"

...And Save $220 Today

The BDSM slave training Program and Secrets To Sensual Bondage are ebooks with 12 audios that are downloadable and all videos are viewable online you will have immediate access to everything in the next 2 minutes!

Here is your chance to grab the Secrets To Sensual Bondage Video Program and the bdsm slave training guide.

Click below if you would just like the BDSM Slave Training Guide & Bonuses for $17.97



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