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Keys To Role Play - How To Get The Most Out Of It


Role playing can be an amazing way to turn up the intensity of any sexual relationship, but even more so in a bdsm partnership.  When you add the element of role playing, you can further create a sense of authority and control in a scene.  But there are good ways to do this and bad ways to do this.  Here is what you need to know before you get started.

First of all, find out what your partner might fantasize about in terms of role play.  Does he or she think about being a naughty student and you as the controlling teacher?  Maybe they’re into the policeman and criminal scenario?  Take some time to talk with your partner about potential scenes that you can do with these roles.  You can even go shopping together to find the appropriate costumes to wear.  Using costumes is actually a great way to get you both ‘into’ the scene that you are going to do.

Once you’ve determined what you want to explore, try to figure out exactly what makes that fantasy so hot for your partner.  Is it the outfits?  The dirty talk?  The spanking?  By talking with your partner as well as thinking about the role playing that you want to do, try to figure out what’s most important from this scene for them as well as for you.  This will intensify the experience and help you both get into the roles more easily.

Another way to make sure the role play works well for you is to make sure that you’re staying in character as much as you can.  Talk dirty or use medical speak in a doctor – patient scene.  Make the area where you are playing look like a place the role play could occur.  Set up ‘props’ that will help you both get in the mood.  You want to make the ‘real’ world go away for the time being.

When you’re new to role playing, you also want to keep in mind that not everything will go right – that’s inevitable.  So, make sure that you’re not being too serious about keeping things in the role play.  What matters is that you’re both having a good time.  If your accent for the French prostitute isn’t perfect, don’t sweat it.  And if that rope tie falls apart, simply fix it and move on with the scene.  When you let things get to you during a scene, they will disrupt the scene more than these little ‘problems.’

More tips to make your role play work:

  • Research the role you want to play – Read stories about the character that you will be playing. You can also read erotica stories that include this character to help you get more ideas on what you can do.
  • Switch things up – If your partner is interested, you might want to switch up the roles every now and then too.  Or you can change roles in the middle of the role play, if that’s something that you both want to do.
  • Try new things – There are hundreds of different role play games you can play, why not try them all?
  • You really don’t need anything but a vivid imagination – You don’t need to have the right clothes or props to have a fun role play.
  • Talk about the role play afterwards – Discuss what worked and what didn’t after the role play so that you can just get better with each time you try.

Role playing is a fun thing to add to your BDSM scenes as it gives both partners a sense of being someone else for a while – and that can lead to intense games of control and power.  Isn’t that what you want after all?

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