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First off it must be stated that this e-course is designed for consenting adults 18+ years of age. 

Nobody associated with the writing, publication, distribution or in any other way connected with it, is in any way liable for any damages that result from your engaging in the activities described herein. 

You assume all risks associated with your participation. With that said safe, sane and consensual BDSM play is a truly breathtaking experience and like everybody else the first step into play is education. 




The trick with starting out with BDSM is that there aren’t a lot of step by step guides that can help you create a great session for You and Your partner.  You tend to see a lot of general guidelines, but nothing too specific.  Instead of keeping everything a secret, here is an example session that you can use to see if a certain person will make a perfect slave for You the first time you meet them and decide to play together.  For slaves it will be a good example to see what will be asked of you.  It will take time to prepare, so be sure that Y/you read through this entire guide first to be sure you understand what to do and then keep it nearby for reference.


To set up this session, You will need to have a slave in mind that has contacted you and wanted to enter into a slave training program.  When You find someone that sounds like they have the most potential, arrange for a session with them (You can also use this guide for a partner that is interested in training as a slave). Don't just jump into this session when you first meet someone.  Get to know them and understand who they are in their vanilla and kinky life.  


Many people have just jumped into a first session with someone they didn't know.  What ends up happening, miscommunication, being pushed past limits they didn't want to go, injury and it can become as severe as abuse.  All because you didn't take the time before hand to get to know the other person, where and what they were looking for.  COMMUNICATION, PATIENCE and UNDERSTANDING are the keys to a successful first session.  Get to know your future partner first in a open public vanilla atmosphere before you progress. 


Start by creating a list beforehand of things that will be expected of the slave when they arrive:


  • Location and time they should arrive
  • What they should wear or not wear
  • A list of 7 to 10 items that they need to memorize
  • A list of positions that they need to know
  • A list of things that they need to keep in mind (to not look you in the eyes, for example)
  • A list of the ways they can address you during the session
  • A list of things that you may do to them during the session (keeping it mild for the first time)


When the slave arrives on time, You can begin the rest of this guide immediately, but if not, you need to use one of the punishments that you have already listed that they could expect.


Dom/me: And slave, why is it that you were late?


Slave: I have no explanation, sir (or ma’am or Master or Mistress).


Dom/me: Do you think that this is something that I tolerate?


Slave: No sir.


Dom/me: Do you think that you are making a good impression with me?


Slave: No sir.


Dom/me: Do you think that I should forgive this transgression?


Hopefully, they will say no at this point.  Begin by telling them to bend over, grasping their ankles if they can in front of You.


Dom/me: I do not tolerate someone that does not follow directions.  For that, you will receive __________ (punishment).


Give him or her the punishment as You said that You would.  When You’re done, have them sit in another position that you described for them.  A kneeling position is good.


At this point, You can test them in several ways.  Ask them about the items that You told them to memorize.  Try to make them look up at You if they were instructed not to.  With each task they fail to complete, have them receive the same punishment.  When they do something correctly, tell them that You are proud of them.


Dom/me: Slave, do you remember the things that I told you to memorize?


Slave: Yes sir.


Dom/me: Tell them to me.


During this session, You should be looking to see if they’re even attempting to follow the rules that You’ve set.  If they’re trying hard, that’s the sign that they will be a good slave.  If they seem to be failing because they just want a punishment, they don’t really want to be in slave training.




I hope you enjoyed the example lesson. This is just one of many new lessons that Master Bishop has created for free exclusively to BDSM Slave Training Members.  The whole idea is to give a step-by-step approach to fulfilling your fantasies and discovering more about yourself then ever before. By seeing what Mistress Charlie does you will be able to incorporate that into your play sessions. You can always find more BDSM Lessons to help you explore new horizons.



Master Bishop

Instructor -

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